About Us

We are dedicated to supporting the thousands of local, good-paying jobs that come from the New York film and television industry.

New York provides the most stable and successful production tax credit in the country. Thanks to the incentive, the industry is able to thrive in New York, providing over 90,000 direct jobs, over $10 billion in wages, and generating over $19 billion in local spending. It is because of the incentive that projects continue coming back to film in the Empire State. The more filming we do in New York, the more local jobs we bring to our communities. The content that is generated in the state of New York is seen throughout the globe, which brings more money right back home.

Whether it is a hat maker in Buffalo or tourists traveling to New York to see the popular filming sites, the industry reaches every corner of the state. With that influx of workers and visitors, the industry becomes a major economic force in New York.

Every community in the state benefits directly and indirectly from the industry. New York has over a dozen regional film offices and a diverse regional landscape for on-location filming. The state also boasts an exceptionally skilled and talented labor force, which continues to grow through the presence of the production tax credit.