To: Cynthia Nixon, New York Gubernatorial Candidate

Dear Cynthia,

We thought we were in this together.

You are the actress who made it big in the entertainment industry, with a top 1% paycheck to go with it. We are the ones that helped make that happen. We are all the workers behind the scenes who catered your meals, ran the on-set electricity, laid the carpet, sewed your wardrobe, built the sets, and the myriad of other jobs that made your television and motion picture projects tick.

And the reasons many of us have those jobs in this industry now is because of New York’s film and television tax incentive program. Through this program, the State of New York invests in the businesses that worked on the production of the very shows and movies that gave you your large paycheck.

Now we feel you are turning your back on us—the businesses and workers whose livelihoods depend on these incentives.

Your denigration of a New York program that has generated billions in local spending, capital investment and helped thousands of local businesses shows us that you are ill-informed and out of touch with the communities you hope to represent.

Thanks to the incentive program, projects are flocking to New York, creating millions of jobs and billions in wages—our jobs and our wages. The tax incentives are vital if we are to continue to attract the film and television industry to shoot projects in our state.

If you had your way you would bring production to a halt, causing long term damage to the New York economy, and more personally, you would take away our livelihoods.

You said the tax credits “don’t merit the investment.” You are flatly wrong on this issue.

Your outburst shows that you are completely disconnected from the working men and women who do the real work on the sets and are the true beneficiaries of the program—and your inaccurate claims show that you are willing to jeopardize a vital piece of the New York economy to score mere political points to win a Gubernatorial primary race.


Manducatis Rustica

Alexandra O’Mara

BQ Sports Inc.

Dan McCarthy

Delaney Schenker

Jennifer Love Costumes

DBA Sharp Barber Shop

Melinda Hall

Patrick O’Hala

Tanya Seeman

Stiegelbauer Associates, Inc.

Roman Candle Casting

Alice Johnson

Harbor Picture Company

Pathe Shipping Supplies Company Inc.


American Movie Company, LLC

Walton Hauling

Boxers NYC

Chelsea Mobility & Medical Equipment

Epstein’s Paint Center

Martha Pinson


City Knickerbocker, Inc.

Ace Banner Flag & Graphics

Foto Care Ltd

Shrine Church Of St. Anthony Of Padua

Manhattan Modern Management, Inc.

Daniel Scuderi Antiques, Inc.

Aysha Wallace

14th Ward Industrial Bldg

George Marro

Sean Cox

Raiysa Epps

Mjj Grip Support Llc

Malaika Johnson

Matthew Sherwood

Aniello Stile

Joseph Megeed

Eric Klein